Glenda, the Plan 9 Bunny


Figure 1: Finished bunny, with image search in the background

This is my second attempt at Glenda, the Plan 9 bunny. The first one was improvised and then given away, so this time I tried to write down what I was doing.

Gauge hardly matters. I used worsted yarn and 4.5 mm needles.

I used plastic eyes and a plastic nose that clip on. If you don’t have those handy (or if you’re giving the bunny to a baby), you can improvise with black and pink yarn instead.

I save the ends from all of my knitting and normally I use that to stuff toys like this with. But since Glenda is all white, I didn’t want all the assorted colors to show through. So for this project, I used polyester fill from the craft store instead.


I started with Judy’s Magic Cast-On, but you can use any toe-up sock type cast-on. Using 4 DPNs, it divides nicely onto three needles.

Row 1: k
Row 2: kfb (8 sts)
Row 3: k
Row 4: kfb (16 sts)
Row 5: k
Row 6: kfb (32 sts)
Row 7: k
Row 8: [kfb, k7] (36 sts)
Rows 9-35: k
Row 36: k17, turn
Row 37: sl1, p15, turn
Row 38: sl1, k14, turn
Row 39: sl1, p13, turn
Row 40: sl1, k
Row 41: k18, [k2tog] (27 sts)
STOP! Attach the eyes, nose, and ears before closing up.
Row 42: [k2tog] (14 sts)
Row 43: [k2tog] (7 sts)
Break yarn and run it through these 7 sts twice.


Figure 2: Body of bunny (row 41?)


CO 8 in white
Rows 1-6: k3 white, k2 pink, k3 white
Rows 7-8: k8 white
Row 9: k2tog


Figure 3: Ears


CO 6
Row 1: p
Row 2: sl1, k1, psso, k4, k2tog (4 sts)
Row 3: p1, p2tog, p1

Place 12 mm pink plastic nose at top. Hot glue a small piece of white felt for teeth at bottom. Sew onto body using the tail from binding off.


Figure 4: Nose


I attached the eyes and nose before stuffing. But I put most of the stuffing in before attaching the ears. I think placement of the ears is important; we’re not making just any cute litte bunny, we’re making Glenda. She’s a little off kilter, so you want to shape her a bit after stuffing and then place the ears just so.


Figure 5: Stuff before placing ears?

The legs are going to be formed from those short-rows at the end of the body


Figure 6: Form legs by stitching

Make a pom-pom for a tail! You can buy little gizmos to help you make pom-poms, but your fingers work as well.


Figure 7: wrap yarn around two fingers


Figure 8: Tie off and cut


Figure 9: Now trim

Leave yourself a long enough tail to attach the pom-pom with.


Figure 10: Finished

Glenda, the Plan 9 Bunny

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