I spotted encourage-mode for Emacs on twitter the other day, so naturally I had to try it!

(use-package encourage-mode)

For some reason, I had to toggle the encouragements to get it started (it seems like that shouldn’t have been necessary. Update: It’s not…see the comments!). Then I added some more encouragements to the list (most of these are from the Venture Bros.)

(setq encourage-encouragements
  (nconc encourage-encouragements
      "Hot sandwich!"
      "Mein lieber Schwan!"
      "Quit it!"
      "That is so Batman!"
      "Well done, you!"



2 thoughts on “Supergood!

  1. As you are using use-package you should try the following to avoid to call (encourage–toggle-encouragements):

    (use-package encourage-mode
    (encourage-mode t))

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