GopherCon India 2016

Hey, the videos for GopherCon India 2016 are up! And one of them is presented by Aditya Mukerjee!

Screen shot interfaces talk

He taught the Go class I took a while back. It’s a really good presentation (on Go’s interfaces), which shouldn’t surprise me since it was a really good class.

GopherCon India 2016

Swift 2.2

A while back, I mentioned Swift was open sourced. Today, they released version 2.2, the first release with non-Apple contributors.

There are also binary releases, so it’s even easier to install!

$ wget{,.sig}
$ gpg --verify swift-2.2-RELEASE-ubuntu15.10.tar.gz.sig
$ tar xf swift-2.2-RELEASE-ubuntu15.10.tar.gz
$ rm swift-2.2-RELEASE-ubuntu15.10.tar.gz{,.sig}
$ export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/swift-2.2-RELEASE-ubuntu15.10/usr/bin
$ cd swift
$ rm hello
$ swiftc hello.swift
$ ./hello swift 2.2
Hello, swift!
Hello, 2.2!
Swift 2.2