VS Code

One of the things I learned at Go Maryland tonight was that VS Code is not just for Windows; they have versions for Linux and OS X too! With a name like Visual Studio Code, I just assumed it was a Windows thing. Not so!

Naturally, when I got home I had to try it! And here it is running on my Linux machine!

Screen shot of VS Code

As you can see, it understands Go code (on the left), but not Elixir (on the right). At least, not yet. I’m sure it will eventually. I also tried out Perl (yes), Python (yes), and Ruby (yes) — no surprises there — as well as Erlang (no), Pony (no), Rust (yes), and Clojure (yes) — a couple of nice surprises there!

The cursor blinks by default, so the first thing I had to do was figure out how to shut that off 1. It only took me a minute or two to find and change the configuration to a non-blinking cursor. Well done, VS Code!

I doubt I’ll be giving up Emacs any time soon (indeed, I’m typing this blog entry with org2blog), but it’s nice to see another open source editor available. Great job, Microsoft!

Update: In case you’re curious, here’s a shot of the same two files opened in Emacs, which has an Elixir mode.

Screen shot of same two files in Emacs



I can’t stand blinking. I think it’s genetic. My Mom never let us have Christmas lights that blinked either. And to be fair, my beloved Emacs has a blinking cursor by default also
VS Code