Google I/O Extended 2016 Baltimore

pic of screen

Today, I took the day off work and went into town to participate in Google I/O Extended Baltimore. Google I/O, of course, is a huge event out in California with about 7,000 people attending. Google I/O Extended is a series of related events all over the world. The event in Sri Lanka had over 2,000 people. Here in Baltimore, ours was held at AOL/ on Brewer’s Hill. Ossum!

pic of mr boh

We had a slate of live talks in the morning:

  • Chris Pino, “Entrepreneurial and Technical Challenges in the Personal Computer Age”
  • Will Gee, BaltiVirtual, “Beyond ‘The Year of VR'”
  • Scott Schopman, OrderUp, “Taking Mobile Testing to the Cloud with Google Cloud Test Lab”
  • Danny Blue, LiveSafe, “Intro to Angular 2”

Following a nice lunch, we watched the Keynote live from California on streaming video.

pic of Google I/O

Afterwards, there were VR demos from BaltiVirtual

pic of BaltiVirtual demo

It was a fun day! If you can’t make it to Google I/O next year, look for the Google I/O Extended event in your area!

Google I/O Extended 2016 Baltimore

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