CPOSC 2017

Yesterday, I drove up to Lancaster for the Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference. It was terrific! This is my third time doing this and it’s become one of my favorite conferences. There are three tracks of talks most of the day, so you can almost always find something interesting to learn about at every session. Often, you have to decide between two or more talks that you’d really like to see.

pic of empty stage

Don Schenck had lots of practical advice for beginners in a talk called “OMG How Do I Even Start An Open Source Project?”

Matt Rogish talked about “Kubernetes 101” and how to pronounce kubectl (“coob see tee el” or “coo bee cuttle”).

In “Kubernetes: A Deep Dive,” Mike Newswanger pronounced kubectl “cube control.”

Rogish and Newswanger both used Docker for all of their examples. They both mentioned that you could run Kubernetes without Docker, but said no more about it. I was kind of hoping to hear about using Kubernetes to orchestrate other things.

Jason O’Donnell talked about “Vault: A Tool for Managing Secrets” and had a nice demo.

James Tramel did an “Introduction to Blockchain.” This was nearly impossible to do in thirty minutes. He did a fine job, but there were clearly more questions in the room when we had to stop.

Sarah Mogin gave a really great talk called “Building for Performance and Scale with React/Redux.” I don’t usually have much patience for JavaScript, but she had ton of practical advice with no sugar coating.

“Man, JavaScript is annoying.” – @sarahmogin

Much of her talk had an A versus B structure for a variety of A’s and B’s (traditional versus headless, Component versus PureComponent, &c.) which was very effective.

pic of Sarah Mogin

I also really enjoyed Steve High‘s talk “Ditching REST for gRPC.” His demo was an arithmetic service “because who doesn’t like math.” He live-coded subtract into the service during the talk. He didn’t hear me answer “minuend” when he asked, so his variables were called firstnumber and subtrahend. Naming things is hard.

pic of Steve High

There were also lightning talks, 3D printing by PrintedSolid.com, and lots of great local food.

The folks from MajorMega had a prototype of Hyperland set up that we could try out. In addition to VR headset and controllers, it had fans for wind and a floor that tipped. This guy thinks he is riding on the back of a moving truck and shooting at other cars and things chasing him.

pic of Hyperland prototype

There were also giveaways, including a 3D Printer from LulzBot. I didn’t win anything, but that’s okay. It was fantastic day!

pic of organizers

CPOSC 2017