Tragedy of the Comets?

screen shot of edx

I am taking Data Science Ethics at It has videos of the lectures and if you want you can look at the automatic transcription of the audio. I happened to notice that when he mentioned the tragedy of the commons, it transcribed “the tragedy of the comets.”

I don’t have a joke about this, I just find it really funny. I was reminded of @garybernhardt’s recent tweet about automatic form filling.

Should we really be worried about AI taking over everything?

Tragedy of the Comets?

Applied Category Theory at MIT!

screen shot Symmetric Monoidal Categories

I just finished taking “Applied Category Theory” at MIT! No, of course I didn’t get admitted to MIT; I watched it all online for free! The book (not yet published) is available online for free as well! What an amazing resource! Thanks so much to David Spivak and Brendan Fong for their incredible generosity. I guess thanks should also go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and to Cambridge University Press for allowing this to happen.

I loved this off-hand remark about the set of all sets that Spivak made in chapter 3, lecture 1, at 36:58.

“If you’re worried about that, it’s because you’ve been trained to be, probably, more than because it’s actually a worry.” – @david_i_spivak

Gosh… MIT, Stanford, UT Austin…what other schools that I could never get into can I attend on the internet?

Applied Category Theory at MIT!