Go workshop at Gilt Tech

Friday I attended a Go workshop at Gilt Tech in New York. It was fantastic!

pic of my badge for Gilt

I had never heard of Gilt Tech before. I found out about the course from Lauri Apple’s Google+ post. I signed up immediately! I live in Baltimore, so I had to get up very early to get on a train to New York. My train was held up with a bad axle, so I was late arriving to New York. Thankfully, the workshop started at 10:00, rather than 9:00, so I still made it on time!

pic of the Empire State Building

Figure 2: Looking up at the Empire State Building from my walk down 33rd St.

Everyone at Gilt was super nice. They have a really nice facility on Park Avenue. They had a beautiful classroom set up and even had coffee and bagels waiting for us! At lunch time, they provided pizza and other things to eat and drink as well. Amazing!

The workshop was led by Aditya Mukerjee, who has been using Go professionally for over two years. He was terrific! He covered a lot of ground, but was clear and concise about everything. He made heavy use of screen, git, and tig, so anyone unfamiliar with those tools might have been a bit lost, but it was very effective. Most of what he did was checked in to a repo on github, so we could all check out the same thing he was showing if we wanted.

pic of Aditya Mukerjee at the head of the Gilt classroom

Figure 3: Aditya Mukerjee at the head of the Gilt classroom

During the hands-on exercises, I paired with Rafael. We didn’t finish our project that day, but I think we both learned a lot.

After the workshop, I walked around New York a bit. I saw Birdland, had a few lovely pints at Heartland Brewery, and went up the Empire State Building. Then I hopped back on the train to Baltimore. This was also delayed, making for a very long day, but it was worth it. By the time the train rolled into Baltimore, it was my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

Update: Gilt posted a blog about the class as well. You can see me (and Rafael) in the second to last photo there.

Go workshop at Gilt Tech