2005 Tilly Awards

I hate hate hate the Grammies. Hate ’em! Every year I try to ignore them and every year I end up finding out about them and getting pissed off. I’m sure this year will be no different.

So last year I made my own little awards with the things I care about. I realize this is hypocritical of me, since what I really object to is the whole notion of ranking art linearly, but I found it somewhat cathartic, so I’m doing it again. Here are the 2005 “Tillies”.

Tilly Award

Live Set

The Safes, Sidebar Tavern, Baltimore, MD
12 November 2005
The Safes, from Chicago, were the first of four bands that night. Most of us in attendance were there to see one of the other three bands (The Dollyrots, The Helper Monkeys, and Groovie Ghoulies — all terrific), but the Safes won us all over with their amazing set. I bought both of their records that night, which I love, but they don’t fully capture the excitement of their live set. Absolutely killer! I look forward to seeing the Safes again in 2006.


Released“, Andrew Grimm
Andrew Grimm has built a remarkable catalogue. He’s got songs he doesn’t even use that are better than most people’s A-list stuff. (This is not idle chatter, I can give examples. He wrote 14 songs as part of FAWM last year. He published 11 of them on “Mountain Halo”. One of the other three, “Circles”, is probably the best song you’ll never hear.) Grimm is one of my favorite artists, so it’s no surprise that I like a new song of his, but even I was surprised at how good this song is. Beautiful.


“Victory Motel”, The Downbeat 5
The Downbeat 5, winner of last year’s Tilly for Live Set, returns this year to collect the Tilly for their Album, “Victory Motel”. This is such a terrific record! Why, the cover of “Dum Dum Ditty” alone should have you sending your sawbuck off to Hi-N-Dry. Remarkably, singer/guitarist Jennifer D’Angora also put out a stellar record with her other band, The Dents, last year. Amazing!

2005 Tilly Awards